The Grace Rett Athletic Complex
and Education Center
Uxbridge, MA

Case Study

It was a pleasure to work on this inspirational sign project to honor the memory of Grace Rett, knowing how much it meant to the Rett family, Our Lady of the Valley Regional School, St. Mary’s Parish and the community as a whole. The G.R.A.C.E. Center will continue to provide immeasurable value to many children and adults for years to come.

This amazing graphic wall was created by Grace’s sister Brianne, incorporating her sketches along with original handwritten, inspirational phrases taken directly from Grace’s journal.


Dynamic full coverage printed wall graphics

Two state of the art classrooms were also part of The G.R.A.C.E. Center project.
As the school has grown over the years, the need for additional space was apparent. These classrooms are now being utilized by the students and local organizations period.


Bonded, ADA, durable graphics printed with our new technology

Arranged by the Rett family, these photographic panels were created to highlight Grace’s achievements from elementary school at Our Lady of the Valley Regional School to marianapolis preparatory school, and the college of the holy cross.


Custom printed panels incorporating photos and graphics.

Grace’s faith was very important to her. For this reason, the inspirational bible verse is prominently placed over the entrance doors to the gymnasium to inspire other students and their families.


Dimensional white acrylic lettering


O.L.V. school never had a gymnasium for its student athletes to practice in and host their basketball games. Therefore, they needed to travel by bus to various local facilities. With permission from the Rett family and through generous private donations, Grace’s lifelong dream of O.L.V. having its very own gymnasium was able to come to fruition.

Team Director

Rick Cameron

President, Sign System Solutions


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