Institute-Wide Exterior Signage Rebranding Project

Boston, MA

Case Study

When Dana-Farber Cancer Institute revealed their new brand identity, we were challenged with the task of replacing their iconic logo across a multitude of exterior sign types and locations.

Partnering with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for many years, our trusted relationship was paramount as we quickly created a successful strategy to implement this monumental re-branding project throughout the main campus, as well as the off site facilities. We not only accomplished this task under tight deadlines, but also saved the institute time and money with our unique system.

Creative planning and engineering assured that new, custom signage was installed and secured properly on a multitude of building surfaces.

Using specialty equipment, our experienced and knowledgeable installation team safely and strategically installed large-sized exterior signs, high-up on several buildings.

We worked closely with the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) and various city agencies throughout the state of Massachusetts to ensure sign allowances were followed, and permits were secured by providing important documentation and drawings with critical engineering specifications.

Collaboration with, an outsourced Marketing firm, on Design, Shop Drawings, and Project Management was essential to the success of this project.

Paint color, finish, and material samples were critical for to review, along with frequent visits to our fabrication facility to insure we were meeting quality standards set forth for this very complex project.

Grace’s faith was very important to her. For this reason, the inspirational bible verse is prominently placed over the entrance doors to the gymnasium to inspire other students and their families.


Dimensional white acrylic lettering


In the end, our talented team was able to produce many unique, high-quality exterior signs, making sure to  incorporate all critical new logo design standards. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute now how has a consistent, visible new brand at all locations across New England, and we’re thrilled to have completed this very large undertaking on time and on budget. From Design, Production, Installation, and Project Management, our whole company came together to take on this sizeable challenge, and insure this project was a success.


Andrea DiBlasi


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