Senior Living Communities
Interior Sign


Our expert design team is committed to providing each facility with their own unique sign design to connect the facility with its environment. Whether it is an analysis of the facilities existing interior finishes or using an inspirational design board for new builds, we will craft a comprehensive and compliant designed sign hierarchy to complement any facility.

Creative planning and engineering assures that a cohesive custom signage system is
developed. We have highlighted this facilities regional landscape environment into the signage to give this
senior community a sense of familiarity.
The result was an award winning sign system highlighted in their marketing.

As with any Senior Living Community sign design, the changeability of the resident room sign allows for an easy transitioning of names. Our special print software process we provide with our package allows property staff to effortlessly change out these resident room signs on their own, to keep with the consistent design intent of colors, fonts, and margins.
Senior Living Communities can be large expansive buildings with many floors /wings to navigate, which can be overwhelming for the senior population. Incorporating color coding into the design intent helps residents traverse throughout a facility and recognize areas faster providing them a sense of reassurance.

Activity posting signage is also included into the overall
sign design package to showcase events and highlight
activity hours. Produced to fit standard paper sizes for the
facilities own custom messaging. The added thumb notch feature allow for these sign types to be easily changed by the property staff.

Our incorporation of branded specialty signage into the design package adds a touch of elegance. Delicate installation by our team of experts allows this branding to shine


Our Senior Living Community signage can become an experiential part of the environment, not just a necessary requirement. Our designers take great care in providing a system that enhances the beauty of the architecture by incorporating colors, textures and the outside surroundings into the design, while keeping in mind the ease of use and durability for the facility.


Erin Deshler

Director, Planning & Design

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